Prop Shop


It has been an absolutely crazy week. I can’t wait to update y’all on yesterdays photoshoot. I took so many pictures and have not yet had a chance to go through them. You will hear from me about my adventures as a production assistant within the next day or so. For now I thought I would share some quick shots from my time spent with Amelia at a prop house here in San Francisco called TableProp. We met Carol Hacker, Β a prop stylist (with a job I would love to explore one day!) and the piles and piles of home goods stacked on shelves for us to scavenge through. (Carol says they outgrew the place before they even moved in.)


Amelia needed to find pitchers, glasses, and surfaces to photograph on for a photoshoot at her internship. We both took a quick look around to scout for the needs of the client and pulled a few things to set aside to shoot and take back to Amelia’s boss for final approval. Amelia took the role of photographer and started documenting our findings as I pulled the props that could possibly be used. We worked great as a team (which was lucky because Carol had to kick us out a wee bit earlier than planned because she had somewhere to be.) Β It was a lot of fun, and with how well things are going here in San Fran, perhaps I will be able to visit prop houses more often in the future. :O)

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I’m still exhausted from yesterday and a long day of work today. Looking forward to the weekend.


Until next time,


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