Catching Up.


Time is flying by and in terms of blogging I am constantly playing a game of catch up. This post today will be about LAST Sunday. And hopefully I will find a bit more time to blog about work last week as well as this past weekend. A quick update while things are fresh – this coming week is going to be pretty exciting. I had heard last Friday that I might not get to go on the shoot tomorrow and Tuesday with Laurie because of travel expenses and just about a million other things. However I received a call today from Aly (the creative manager) that I get to go once again! So don’t worry, I will have plenty of stories from my first experience being a part of a real set. Tomorrow I won’t be going into work until noon, but I was told to pack an overnight bag and we would leave at 7:30 PM for Ukiah, CA. Unfortunately I will no longer get my own room, but Aly and I will be sharing one just for the night. I have plenty of time to enjoy the luxuries of my own king bed in a hotel, so no worries on my end. Tuesday morning I will need to be up at 5 AM, and we will start shooting by 6:30. Aly says it will be cold so to come prepared. We will shoot for most of the day and are aiming to be back in San Francisco by 7:30 Tuesday night. If there is one thing I have learned here it is to take the definition of cold loosely. We have lucked out and had nearly 70 degree weather since I got here. Quite a change from the winters I’m used to back home. I’ve been spoiled though so at night when it drops to 50 I pile on more layers and blankets. No idea how I will ever return to Delaware and make it until spring.

Earlier last week I mentioned our adventures at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. We ended the weekend with a road trip to Half Moon Bay. A stop at Sam’s Chowder House for the most delicious lobster roll, oysters, clam chowder, and calamari I have ever had. Our table had a view right on the water. Some of our fixins’ below. (I know I probably rant quite a bit about the food here, but honestly nothing compares. Especially when you are a poor college student (one that cooks pretty well if I do say so myself), but still a limited palette to what I can prepare quickly and within my budget. Lobster as you can imagine is generally not on my grocery list.)


It felt great to be outside and on the beach. I love the California coast. We ventured around the area near Sam’s, seeing quite a bit of locals and surfers. Amelia, my roomie and one of my best friends, kept getting in the way of my panoramas, but you get the idea. :O)



We left Sam’s and the beaches here and drove a bit further to the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Amelia’s aunt went to the bar area for a drink and we went for a walk along the beach. We pretended to be staying there – venturing through the five-star hotel to the back entrance which led to a path to the water. Our walk down was on what I consider to be a cliff (Amelia has been to Tanzania/Cambodia/all over the place so “cliff” isn’t exactly how she would describe it.) Nonetheless it was a huge drop and I am afraid of heights, but I still went near the edge to look down (still in one piece, don’t worry, Momma!) I love how rocky and hilly the landscape is in California. It makes everything that more beautiful. I’ve since learned from my first days here that my version of a mountain is in fact just a large hill. You would think I was from the middle-of-nowhere by the amount of new things I’ve experienced thus far. I really should start keeping a list. Every day I feel a little more like a new person. It’s exciting.

This is the beginning of our walk. We eventually made it to the beach below…


Another view from the other side. (You can see the Ritz-Carlton in the distance).


You could tell we were both used to colder winters as we were the only ones that touched our feet to the water. (My first time touching the Pacific Ocean!) We both winded up getting a wee bit drenched from the waves.



Found a hidden alcove where we both took some selfies of our adventure. :O)


We made our way back after the perfect day.


If I ever lived in California I would love to live on the coast. I’d do anything to wake up to this every day.


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