Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market

Hello all,

I never thought I’d look forward to the weekend quite so much. (Not that I don’t enjoy the typical work week, but it leaves me little time to see the city and its outskirts.) With my first week already over and me leaving San Francisco for home in less than a month, the weekends are the only real time for any bit of an adventure.

On Saturday Amelia and I went to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. I know it will be a frequent visit. We had the most amazing porchetta sandwiches from this place called Roli Roti. If you ever visit San Fran you need to get one. It is worth the long line, even in the rain!


There are vendors outside selling all sorts of organic produce, crafts, gelato, etc. There were even taste testers of different fruits at some of the stands. Had my first persimmon. (Not as amazing as the girl standing nearby amped it up to be.)



While Amelia was purchasing her produce for the week I ventured around and took some quick snapshots of some of the beautiful lettering and type I saw around. So many chalkboard signage. I was in love. :O) (The man at the County Line Harvest stand was pretty excited that I loved his sign).


Inside there were a bunch of little specialty shops. Olive oil, cheese, meat – Amelia and I made our way around. She spend quite a bit at the artisan cheese place, Cowgirl Creamery. Before we leave I hope to visit again (this time bringing a wee bit more cash with me.)


The Ferry Plaza is right on the water. I finally saw why San Francisco is called the foggy city. Within about twenty minutes of us arriving there was a thick fog covering the bay.



I’ll update tomorrow on today’s festivities. We drove out to Half Moon Bay and visited the beach.

If you want to follow me on instagram for more photos and quicker updates of my time in San Francisco, search for me: @jenniferleightarrant You will find photos like these:


Enjoy the work week,


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