Hey, San Fran!


Finally getting myself a bit more situated here. After nearly 17 hours at the BWI/Phoenix/SFO airports I am thrilled to be finished with the traveling that accompanies a snow storm. Happy to say I survived my first experience to a different time zone. (And adjusting hasn’t been much of a problem because I was awake for basically 24 hours before finally arriving to the new place I will call home.) It was also my first time being in a plane when it was dark out – I’m a sucker for the aerial views of cities at night. It is so beautiful. (And the only photos I’ve taken thus far are below… this is the view shortly after taking off from Baltimore).


Southwest Airlines lost our (Amelia and I’s) luggage so arriving in San Francisco involved a  bit of mixed feelings – excitement for a shower but absolute dread at the thought of not having any clothes or toiletries to begin our internships Monday.

Today has been busy. We didn’t go to sleep until nearly 3:30 AM Pacific time (6:30 AM to all my friends still on the East coast.) We slept in and ventured out for some Thai food for lunch with Amelia’s aunt whom we are staying with. (Her place is beautiful, by the way. I will post a few pictures soon.) We ran errands (finding the most delicious dessert wine I have ever had, getting our Muni bus passes, eventually locating our luggage after too many calls to Southwest…) We ended the night with Indian food Amelia says is almost as good as in London. I will be exploring the city a bit tomorrow – grocery shopping and figuring out my bus routes and commute to both Hatch and Laurie Frankel Photography. I also want to check out the park down the road. Amelia says there are normally lots of pups. (I sure miss my roommate/sister’s chocolate lab, Guinness!) The “Full House” house is right across the street from the park and I promise you will get a picture of it soon.

Did I mention it was 66 degrees today and sunny?



2 thoughts on “Hey, San Fran!

  1. Guinness has been sleeping in your room every morning! He misses you ( as do I and Conrad!) hope exploring was fun! Good luck tomorrow 🙂

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