I am in the process of doing 8 different projects right now. Getting a wee bit overwhelmed so I thought I would start posting my progress so I can organize my thoughts and keep moving forward with each.

Introducing Bixby’s – a food cart inspired by my work with The Wandering Chef, a cart from my local area, this past summer. Bixby’s will be specifically at dog parks. A brand created by a dog lover for the dog lover. (And partially inspired by my roommate, Guinness, my sister’s chocolate lab, that loves human food more than any dog I have ever met.) Bixby’s will serve food to ya while you bring your dog to play. Packaging will be reusable as disposable water dishes for your pup; the cart housing a water fill-up station for your dog. Not sure how much I can push this to involve both people and “man’s best friend” so I am open to suggestions and thoughts. (Thinking poop bags may be a wee bit unsanitary…)

A bit of my logo series below. I’ve been having so much fun with type lately. Feeling pretty inspired. Found this bulldog within the cuts in the letterpress studio so will use him throughout. This project is technically for my letterpress class – we are allowed to do mixed media so I will be combining digital and letterpress throughout deliverables. Excited to see where this will go.

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 9.04.59 PMWill update on BMWi3 tomorrow. I’d rather keep working on this. : )


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